Deacons during the retreat Deacons during the retreat

Diocesan Discernment Process

Helping to discern your vocation to ordained ministry.

Meeting with either the Director or one of the Assistant Directors of Ordinands for a series of meetings will help you clarify your vocation to ordained ministry and guide you through the Shared Discernemnt Process.

These sessions will be based on the Qualities for Discernemnt and continued for 12 to 18 months.


Discernment Panels

There are two Stages of  the Discernment Panels. Stage 1 is the Carousel Conversation; six short interviews conducted online.

If the Feedback from those conversations is positive you may proceed to Stage 2, a 2-day residential conference at a retreat house.

At the end of a Stage 2 Panel the Advisers write a report to the Bishop advising whether they recommend that you enter training for ordained ministry, or not, and giving details of what to do next.

Recommendation is for training, not for ordination itself, and is not a guarantee of a job.

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