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Legacy resources

More than 5,000 people every year leave legacies to carry on the work of the Church.

From time to time the Diocese of Chelmsford is approached for advice about legacies.

So this concise guidance note is designed to help our parishes and the many people who wish to remember the Church in their Wills.

The Church of England has developed a set of useful materials and has published these online. Whether you are reviewing your current legacy literature or planning your legacy strategy, there is a comprehensive website for you to consult at your convenience.

View the Church Legacy website.

We have included below specific advice about how to make a Will together with two forms in order to assist people who wish to leave a gift to the Church in their Wills or add a gift to the Church if they already have a Will.

You are welcome to download and print these forms or make them available on your parish website.

How to make a Will

Those who are considering making a Will are recommended to consult an independent solicitor. The cost of making a Will and including a gift to the Church in it need not be expensive and can be a simple process. Some solicitors do it for free, in return for a donation to charity, during Will Aid Week each November.

Those who already have a Will but would like to add a gift to the Church may prefer to use a Codicil form. Please see below.

Download ‘Suggested wording to leave a gift to your church in your Will’

How to add a Codicil to an existing Will

For those who have already written a Will, a Codicil is the easiest way to include a gift to the Church. A Codicil form can be downloaded below. It should be signed and dated in front of two witnesses (both of whom must not be a beneficiary or the spouse of a beneficiary).

The witnesses are then each required to sign the Codicil in the presence of the person making the Will and in the presence of each other. Once the Codicil has been completed, the form should be kept with the original Will. A solicitor should be consulted in the event of any questions.

Download the Codicil form here